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Vector graphics

Motion graphics


vector graphics

Vector graphics give you clean crisp shapes and can be resized infinitely without pixilation, perfect for hard copy printing, logos and even clothing.

Kawaii science

motion graphics

Motion graphics, vectors that move!

A simple animation to represent your brand can make all the difference on your website or video trailer.

Meditation videos

Here are some examples of slower moving animation featuring a meditative scenes and sounds.

Children’s videos

Taking inspiration from my children, I made some fun and educational kids vids.

And a few relaxing ones too…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Or cute stuff like dancing strawberries… 😀


A busy and popular community centre based in the heart of Camden whose website was being held hostage by the previous designer. Tch tch.

Luckily it wasn’t worth saving, so I repointed their domain to a new hosting company and built them a brand new WordPress website, fully responsive, easier to update and now has lots more features.

Before: Static (non-responsive) website with no user interactive features.
Now: Fully responsive with blog, event timetable, user registration forms connected to a CRM, hall hire booking forms, donation/fundraising integration, job application forms and so on.

NOTE: I no longer mange this website.

Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details

– Minh. D. Tran