Digital marketing through the lens of love.

I plan to take everything I’ve learned (and am learning) about digital marketing, rethink the language and intention, and make it accessible to you to help you grow your business.

Who is this for?

For the countless number of people I’ve met who have a business, or business idea, that’s rooted in their desire to help others but have struggled with digital marketing because (on the surface) it doesn’t resonate with their values. You might be a healer or holistic therapist, a fitness instructor or nutritionist. You have a gift to give and a desire to help others.

The content will be best suited to:

* Newbies or in the early days of growing your business

* Already established but struggle with marketing

What you can expect

The site will comprise of 3 sections:

Digital marketing through the lens of love a step-by-step basic guide to digital marketing to help get you on the path to a marketing style that feels good to you.

Resources This is where I’ll provide workbooks, exercises, useful tools etc maybe printable reminders or lists of useful websites. 

Blog I’ll post any thoughts or insights along the way.

A good place to start


Guide: Digital marketing through the lens of love

Coming soon – I’ll link to it once there’s a good chunk ready, then it will be a work in progress which is continually updated and added to.