Taking the ‘ick’ out of marketing

For some of us, there’s an underlying ‘ick’ behind marketing our own business. We can’t put our finger on it, but it feels somehow distasteful. I’ve met people who have used the word manipulative. It doesn’t have to be either of those things if we shift the way we perceive marketing.

I suspect this is something to do with upbringing and subconsciously held beliefs towards making money.

Ask someone to hand over their well-earned cash? Yuck.

But we’ve got an amazing product or service that customers will absolutely benefit from!

Still, we tip-toe around asking point blank for someone to take a chance on us because it feels down-right cheeky at times, and we weren’t raised to be cheeky.

Notice we have far fewer hesitations when it comes to bigging-up someone else’s business?

It’s SO much easier to sing the praises and ‘sell’ the offerings of a friend or family member. Because you’re not the one obliged to see it through. We encourage others more than we encourage ourselves and we’re far less critical of others as we are about ourselves.

But… if we truly believe in what we’re selling and it aligns with our personal values (most of which we’re not always conscious of which is sometimes why it’s tricky to know what they are)… then we’re doing less selling and more raving about something we’re in love with.

Much like the way new mums can talk with unmatched knowledge and enthusiasm about all the details of their new baby, detailing with amazing accuracy feeding times, naps, nappy changes and how many poos they’ve done today (guilty as charged).

They’re invested by love, and therefore everything they do, they do through the lens of love. A much nicer way to do anything.