I don’t know when the phrase ‘imposter syndrome’ was coined, but I only discovered it in recent years. I’ve felt it many times.

Here are a couple of dictionary definitions of the word imposter;

‘One that assumes a false identity or title for the purpose of deception.’

‘A person who pretends to be someone else in order to trick people.’

Note the words deception and trick people.

Underneath the uncomfortable feelings of imposter syndrome lies a deep desire to do a good job, not because we want to trick or deceive people, because we care.

We care so much that we worry our work won’t be good enough, that we’ll let people down, that we won’t achieve our goals or the goals expected by others.

Here’s how my latest thinking interprets this term. When I feel imposter syndrome what I’m really feeling is fear that I won’t be my best self. Isn’t that a good quality?

Maybe we can turn it around and tell ourselves…

“I’m worried I’m not qualified enough but I will do my best, I’m worried because I care and caring is a strength.”

Feeling this is a healthy sign that you’re wanting to be your best self! 🖤