Free websites

You don’t need to pay for a website anymore, nowadays there are plenty of companies offering an online presence for free.

Below I list some of the better known, but an online search will reveal many more. Just be aware that free websites will often display ads on your pages and premium features such as connecting to your domain will require paid upgrades. As with anything, always read the small print before signing up, there may be other conditions that need to be met.

If you’re thinking about having a website, but something is holding you back, this is a great way to start. At the very least, you can experiment with how you want your business to show up online.







App based website builders (for viewing from mobile devices)


A loving word of caution

Please don’t fall into the trap that I’ve seen too many times over the decades I’ve been making websites for people. The expression If you build it, he will come is a great line but it does not apply to websites.

A website without any promotion will do nothing but sit quietly in the vast aether, gathering virtual dust. Yes it’s exciting to have a website, and it can help you grow your business, but don’t book your holiday to the Bahamas just yet 🖤