Ideal customer printable

A printable PDF for you to scribble down notes on your ideal customer in order for you to better understand how to market your business and ensure your posts are relevant.

It’s A3 but you can print it as A4.

Before you download, be sure to read Who is your ideal customer?


Easy tool to craft your unique message

Before you jump in, read this short explanation first: Crafting your unique message. It will help you get the most from this simple tool.

Use your own words instead of the examples in the brackets to help craft a message that clearly describes your business to potential customers. It will also help you keep your marketing efforts on track so refer to it often.

What this tool does is simple, it clarifies 3 important things that a potential customer wants to know to help them decide if your business is what they’re looking for.

– What you do
– Who you do it for
– What they can expect

You can use it in your social media profiles and your website homepage so people know right away whether they’re in the right place for what they’re looking for. I’d even write it on a post-it note and have it on your laptop while you work!

I (cut hair/perform healing/give people a workout) for people (with disabilities/stuck at home/suffering trauma) who want to feel (more confident / happier within themselves / flexible and fitter)

For me, using this website as an example. I would write:

If you have a small business and are struggling with marketing then you know you’re in the right place! Hopefully you’ll spend a bit more time looking at what I have to say rather than scrolling away.

If my message doesn’t apply to you, that’s fine too.. I won’t waste your time and you can keep looking to find what you’re after.

It might take a few goes before it feels right. Once it does, use it as it is, or get more creative with it!

Use your unique message on your homepage so visitors know straight away if they’ve landed in the right place!


Free websites

You don’t need to pay for a website anymore, nowadays there are plenty of companies offering an online presence for free.

Below I list some of the better known, but an online search will reveal many more. Just be aware that free websites will often display ads on your pages and premium features such as connecting to your domain will require paid upgrades. As with anything, always read the small print before signing up, there may be other conditions that need to be met.

If you’re thinking about having a website, but something is holding you back, this is a great way to start. At the very least, you can experiment with how you want your business to show up online.







App based website builders (for viewing from mobile devices)


A loving word of caution

Please don’t fall into the trap that I’ve seen too many times over the decades I’ve been making websites for people. The expression If you build it, he will come is a great line but it does not apply to websites.

A website without any promotion will do nothing but sit quietly in the vast aether, gathering virtual dust. Yes it’s exciting to have a website, and it can help you grow your business, but don’t book your holiday to the Bahamas just yet 🖤


A tool to find your purpose

I recently listened to a podcast where Jay Shetty (author, entrepreneur and former monk) gave advice on how to find your purpose. I’ve heard dozens of opinions on this but his resonated with me because it was simple, and I LOVE simple.

This isn’t verbatim because I can’t remember exactly how he worded it, but here’s the essence:

You might think, I’ve heard that before, it’s do what makes you happy! But there’s a subtle difference, it’s doing that same thing to make others happy.

Many beliefs and many wise people have said happiness can be found in helping others. If you’ve ever felt that kind of pleasure you’ll understand.

So let’s say tinkering around in your garden is where you’re most happy. Is becoming a gardener the way to go? If you want. Or how about these ideas:

Starting meetups for people to discover the benefits of being in nature, finding their own calm, socialise, make like-minded friends.

Forest-bathing sessions!

Learn some horticultural skills and teach them to others.

Write about the aspects of being in nature that bring you joy, start a blog or social media account, give tips and advice to help others find that same joy.

Grow and sell those same plants that you love looking after and watching flourish, show your customers how they can look after them too.

The underlying theme is spreading your positive feeling, happiness, hope, calm etc.

All of the above could easily grow into a business with a little thought. You’ll be doing something that makes you happy and sharing that with others to increase their happiness. Win win!

I do have an alternative if this doesn’t work for you. It’s on the other side of the coin…

Maybe you’ve battled with depression, an eating disorder, low self-worth. You don’t need to be fully healed yourself to start helping others in the same situation. The act of helping others will naturally help you. You’d be better placed than most having been there yourself.

Give it a go, I’d love to hear what you come up with.


The love-machine

This is a resource I’ll probably keep updating as the concept develops. I wanted a tool to help with creating sincere messages for posts which;

* get your message across clearly

* come from a place of love

* doesn’t jeopardise personal or business integrity

Messages that will leave you feeling good and in alignment with your business which is in the business of doing good.

For this I use a mental visualisation of a love-machine, you imagine it however you want, that part isn’t important. It’s the feeling that counts.

Our aim is to imagine our message is going to be read by someone we love, so we want it to be transparent and honest. We don’t want to mislead them, pressure them or otherwise make them feel ‘sold to’ because we love them, right?

sentence in…

…sentence out


What you want to say “Check out my scented candles, they are amazing! Buy one today!”

Let’s pop this into the love-machine…

Maybe you’ll get something like this: “Feel a surge of calm with my jasmine scented candles, handmade with love.”

This feels more loving, you’re offering them what they’re seeking which is calm. You’re not being pushy or urgent, in fact you’re embodying calm in your message.

Ask yourself the following questions to help craft your message:

* Who needs my scented candles, who will they help, who do you make them for? Possible answer: Stressed people who look forward to winding down at the end of a busy day.

* Why do you make them? Possible answer: Because I know how stressful life can be and I want to help people feel better.

Use the answers to put together a sentence which you can work with:

“Are you stressed and need help winding down? I know how that feels so I made these…”

Play around with it, try several variations and remember to keep checking for sincerity and love.

You’re in the business of helping others because that’s what brings you joy. Helping others is what nourishes you so it’s important to bring that into your marketing. People will notice this and it will work in your favour. Like attracts like, nice attracts nice.

This way your messaging will connect with your audience, and you know your audience because you work closely with them.

Which connects better?

“Stressed? Try my bath bombs for the best relaxation!”


“You need help relaxing, my bath bombs are a good place to start.”
“I make bath bombs to help you relax”
“My bath bombs have you in mind”

These sound more like a friend, someone who cares.

Try it now, give a post the love treatment and feel free to comment below with what you come up with 🖤