Easy tool to craft your unique message

Before you jump in, read this short explanation first: Crafting your unique message. It will help you get the most from this simple tool.

Use your own words instead of the examples in the brackets to help craft a message that clearly describes your business to potential customers. It will also help you keep your marketing efforts on track so refer to it often.

What this tool does is simple, it clarifies 3 important things that a potential customer wants to know to help them decide if your business is what they’re looking for.

– What you do
– Who you do it for
– What they can expect

You can use it in your social media profiles and your website homepage so people know right away whether they’re in the right place for what they’re looking for. I’d even write it on a post-it note and have it on your laptop while you work!

I (cut hair/perform healing/give people a workout) for people (with disabilities/stuck at home/suffering trauma) who want to feel (more confident / happier within themselves / flexible and fitter)

For me, using this website as an example. I would write:

If you have a small business and are struggling with marketing then you know you’re in the right place! Hopefully you’ll spend a bit more time looking at what I have to say rather than scrolling away.

If my message doesn’t apply to you, that’s fine too.. I won’t waste your time and you can keep looking to find what you’re after.

It might take a few goes before it feels right. Once it does, use it as it is, or get more creative with it!

Use your unique message on your homepage so visitors know straight away if they’ve landed in the right place!